Different perspective – from the air!

Aerial Photography, Photographic Passion

I have always had a fascination with drones and its capability to capture the most beautiful aerial video scenes. At least a year or so ago, I plunged into acquiring one and now I’m fortunate to own a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

I recently decided that I would like to compliment my traditional landscape photography with some aerial landscape photographic projects.

DJI_0001-0007Off I went to a Nature Reserve close-by to where I live and decided to put my skills to the test. I was amazed by the quality of the photos and decided that I will look for opportunities to include aerial photos in all my future projects.


Part of my photographic training encourages me to have a more structured approached to my photographic endeavors, hence, I’m planning a number of themed  projects for my future escapades to unleash my passion and love for this past time.

Any ideas on themed projects? Leave some suggestions and  comments below.

For more pics of this outing you may visit my website,  RayZa Photography