Panorama Route, South Africa

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Over the recent Easter weekend I decided to travel to one of South Africa’s most scenic regions known as the Lowveld in Mpumalanga Province.  To get the best out of this experience I decided to travel the Panorama Route.

The purpose of my outing was primarily to explore the best possible photographic opportunities and sharpening my landscape photographic skills.

The following capture is a single photo taken from the most popular viewpoint along the Blyde River Canyon.




The photograph below is a panoramic picture consisting 5 different photos that was post-processed in Adobe Lightroom. This photo is also currently trending as my most liked picture in my gallery on



A few of the many other interesting landmarks and natural attractions along this route can be viewed below:

Bourke’s Luck Potholes


The Gorge, Graskop



Berlin Waterfalls



Lisbon Waterfalls



Pelgrim’s Rest, an old Gold Mining Town.


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Photo Challenge : Out of this World

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I have been travelling alongside this rail line for many years and always just had a perspective from the road.

During last week I was desperately looking for an opportunity to put my learning from my photo diploma course to practice. This prompted me to stop and take a photo out of this world from a very personal perspective. A point of view I have missed for so many years.


In keeping with this idea I constantly look for different points of view to create a new perspective of landmarks I past by regularly.

The following two photos try to explain this practice. I’m always eager to see what the outcome would be like. I really was amazed by looking at the second photo on its own. I guess it will leave someone who does not have the full context with lots of questions as to what this really is. I enjoy doing this as I learn a lot from the final products.

Just love Photography!

p.s:  The first photo is not a great example of good photographic technique, but I want to get my message across.



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Putting my work out there!

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I have been trying a number of photographic online platforms.

The past two days I have been working on my latest creation on and I’m starting to like it.

The immediate feedback really got me hooked. Any photographers using this platform please advise whether it is worth it over the longer run. I’m also keen to sell some of my work online. Please feel free leave comments below.

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